Real World Recap: Bedisode 2, Love and Other Drugs

By Alyse Borkan  |  Dec 24, 2014
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Seven attention seeking, trash talking, tequila shot taking twenty-somethings take on Chicago on the 30th season of The Real World. That much you know. But most viewers don’t realize that Casper is the real star the show. This season, the cast will be passing out, waking up, and making out on Caspers. And each week, we’ll bring you the recap you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet: everything that happens . . . in bed.

Jason, Nicole and Bruno start the day off right — in the bed swing.  There’s a lot of pointless conversation, but our ears perk up when Bruno asks Nicole if she’s ever had pillow talk. Unlike us, she’s not a big fan.

Upstairs, Madison and Violetta lay in bed while Tony tries on a shirt. Don’t blink — you won’t want to miss this, ladies. Madison: “He kills me.” She loves it.

There’s some bar and beach action, but since it’s not in bed, we hit fast forward. Back at the house, everyone gets back on the bed swing for real talk. Violetta: “What if we left for the beach, and when we got back there were bunk beds in our rooms?” It sounds like her worst nightmare, but the beds would still be Casper so we don’t see the problem.

After an uneventful day, everyone catches some zzz’s. The next morning, Madison pulls the covers off Tony to wake him up. Apparently she’s never heard the saying, “if you love someone, let them sleep.” Jason opens the window between the rooms to watch Bruno and Sylvia cuddling in bed. Nope, nothing Rated R happening here.

The crew heads to Wrigleyville for the day. Baseballs, bats, beer — boring. Back to the bed swing, YES. Madison tells the girls all about her past. Lots of skeletons hidden under her bed.

The next morning on the bed swing, Violetta and Madison put the pieces together about the real point of the show. More importantly, Violetta was wearing a panda eye mask. We’d sleep in that any day.

Everyone goes out drinking. Fast forward to Sylvia in bed later that night. Even though she’s clearly sleeping, Bruno tries to talk to her after ignoring her at the bar. Can’t he see she doesn’t want any pajama drama? Bruno gives up and storms off to his own bed. Check back next week to see what happens when everyone wakes up.

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