Real World Recap Bedisode 8: Sarasota’s Finest

By Alyse Borkan  |  Feb 6, 2015
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Seven attention seeking, trash talking, tequila shot taking twenty-somethings take on Chicago on the 30th season of The Real World. That much you know. But most viewers don’t realize that Casper is the real star the show. This season, the cast will be passing out, waking up, and making out on Caspers. And each week, we’ll bring you the recap you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet: everything that happens . . . in bed.

The episode starts off pretty mellow, but then The Real World crew comes in and strips the mattresses. Naked Casper alert!

“When production comes in and starts putting sheets on the beds — that’s how you know someone’s coming.”

Violetta’s skeletons are next to arrive at the house. She has a two-for-one special. Two twins for these two “queens.”

The Real World guys show them upstairs to the bedrooms while Violetta’s screaming “NOT MY ROOM.” Of course, one of them volunteers his bed. Come on, dude — don’t just give up your Casper that easily.

He proceeds to ask the two girls if they have a boyfriend. They both respond, “single.” By “single,” they mean “dramatic.”

Tony carries the blonde skeleton’s suitcase upstairs straight to bed. When they get to his bedroom, he gives the skeleton Madison’s bed (his Real World hook up). Not cool, Tony. “This used to be Madison’s bed, but she switched to be with the girls.” That’s not even true.

Madison walks by and calls Tony out: “Why is she in my bed?” Madison claims stake to both beds. “I don’t like Jessica, and she is not going to get one of my beds.” Tony sits there plotting how he’s going to work his way under both their sheets.

Later, Bruno gets mad at Violetta. It has something to do with the skeletons, but when doesn’t it. He starts throwing and breaking furniture. No bedroom furniture involved, phew.

When the girls start defending Bruno, Violetta decides she’s going to switch rooms. She takes her clothes and goes to claim a new bed. Violetta and Bruno end up talking it out on top of the covers, but looks like they could get under them at any second.

In the other room, Tony gets in bed with the blonde skeleton. No surprise there.

Just like a bedtime fairytale, Violetta and her two skeletons solve all of their issues and then episode ends.

Does anyone else think we need another mattress fight? These bedisodes are putting us to sleep.

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