What the Internet Is Saying About the Casper Mattress

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 8, 2016
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Casper is only two years old and has already developed a cult following — notorious for disrupting the $14 billion mattress industry and completely changing the way consumers shop for mattresses. 

So, why is everyone obsessing over this mattress? If you ask us…

The Casper mattress is an outrageously comfortable combination of a breathable, open-cell comfort layer and memory foam. It is super supportive, sleeps cool, and conveniently ships to you in a “how-did-they-do-that” sized box. It comes with a 100-night, risk-free trial. And our customer experience teams works around-the-clock to make sure no one is left awake at night.

But more importantly, see what the internet is saying about Casper:

“The internet’s favorite mattress.” — Refinery29

“Changing the way people shop for mattresses” — New York Times

“Supremely comfortable” — Wired

“Customer expectations of mattress quality and delivery standards have been refreshed” — Fast Company

“This is really dreamy.” — USA Today

“A patent-pending sleep surface that fuses memory foam and latex foam to make bedtime better for virtually everyone.” — Entrepreneur

“Casper nailed it with its convenient packaging, fascinating fans like Kylie Jenner with the fact that a huge mattress can fit in a manageably-sized box.” — Racked

“The ‘bed-in-a-box’ company eliminates the difficulties associated with traditional mattress shopping, thanks to its online-only retailing, hassle-free shipping system, and free trial period.” — PopSugar

“This company is mind-blowing. So hip and straight-forward, the customer experience is outstanding.” — David

“Is this heaven? It must be. Where has this been and why did I not know about it sooner? I never knew tugging the old lumpy mattress to the curb would bring such joy. Thanks Casper!” — Sevag

“I feel like this mattress is like the In-N-Out of beds. One bed for almost everyone. No crazy menu or add on features. One bed. One price. And I can say, one month in, this bed is seriously the best bed ever for the price especially if you’re the type who values a firm, but super comfortable, bed.” — Mike

“Buy yourself a Casper bed, sign up for the ‘Snoozeletter’, find a mate to share your new magical-mystical-feathery-pleasure-bed and just live, man.” — Michelle

“Since you came to live with us, it’s like you are my soul mate, and I don’t know how I lived without you before.” — Jacelyn

“BEST. BED. EVER. End of story.” — Amy & Wally

So, you want to try the Casper mattress now. Right?

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