You’re Invited To Casper’s First Sleep Symposium

By Maggie Taylor  |  Apr 6, 2016
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We’re bringing sleep into focus. Join us on April 17th at Root NYC for the 1st annual Sleep Symposium, an eye-opening day of conversations and experiences exploring the culture of sleep.

Speakers include:
Arianna Huffington, Author, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time
Adrianne Jeffries, Managing Editor, Motherboard/VICE
Benjamin Walker, Host, Theory of Everything podcast
Reggie Watts, Comedian & Rapper
Michael Rapaport, Actor & Director
Neil Harbisson, Artist & Cyborg Activist
Sean Monahan, Artist & Writer, Founding Member of K-Hole
Dr. Michael Breus, Clinical Psychologist & Board Certified Sleep Specialist
Jeff Chapin, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officier, Casper
Jeff Kahn, Co-Founder & CEO, Rise Science
Carlo Mirarchi, Co-Founder & Executive Chef, Roberta’s
Teresea Fisher, Science Editor, Van Winkle’s
and many more.

AND there’s an open-bar afterparty with a performance by St. Lucia.

Flatsitter’s Theta VR Installation: A guided meditation virtual reality spa experience founded on the principles of sensorial decadence and medical relaxation.

Dip Into Bliss With Donna D’Cruz: A guided meditation on The Power of Rest.

Introduction, with Jeff Chapin (2:30 – 2:40)
Keynote, with Ariana Huffington (2:40 – 3:00)
Sleep Woke: Isn’t Sleep More Then Socio-Economic? (3:00 – 3:45)
You Are How You Sleep (3:55 – 4:40)
Group Meditation, Deep Into Bliss (4:40 – 5:10)
Behind Closed Doors: New Sleep Environments (5:20 – 6:05)
After Party (6:30)

Get your tickets at

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