The Internet Reviews the Casper Mattress

By Katie Szymanski  |  Nov 16, 2016
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These reviews are on the internet, so they must be true. But really. They are. Ask anyone.

See what our customers have to say about their new Casper mattress:

Some say it’s magical:

“Had I known that magic existed, I would have bought one of these sooner.” — Robert D.

“Getting in my Casper bed for the first time felt like jumping on a beautiful cloud made of unicorn fur and cotton candy.” — Charlsie N.

“It’s a sleep enabler.” — Michael L.

Some can’t get over the customer service:

Amy on your customer service chat team is awesome. She deserves a big raise. Five stars. Would recommend.” — J.P.

“Julia from Casper has been of greatest joy to solve thru my shipment worries.” — Roman S.

“The only bad thing about having a Casper, is kicking myself for not getting one sooner. We finally pulled the trigger and ordered a king bed, and after doing our research Casper was clearly the best pick. It was delivered very quickly (I think 3 days, and we live in Cleveland), unpacking was a breeze, and the first night was probably the best night of sleep I have had in a very long time. With the ease of the whole process combined with their stellar warranty and customer service, I cannot recommend Casper enough.” — Kelly G.

I literally could not be happier about the whole shopping experience with Casper. I ordered online and used the chat feature, then called customer service to delay my delivery. The mattress was delivered as expected and is as comfy as a cloud.” — Abigail M.

Some say they’ll sleep with it for the rest of their lives:

“2 years in and still loving it. Best bed in the world. The only problem now is I miss my Casper whenever I go out and stay at a hotel or something. Seriously, best investment ever.” — Anita R.

“Best investment in years and now the best sleep of my life.” — Jude S.

“Really love our new mattress and sheets from Casper. A perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves. Our dog loves our mattress so much that she slept in this morning ~ with me ~ and gave up an early breakfast with my husband. A FIRST!” — Maggie P.

“I recently bought the Casper mattress and I LOVE it. It’s amazing. It’s soft yet dense. I Iove it so much I’ve ordered the pillows.” — Cathy C.

And most importantly, it’s animal-approved

“It took only 2.37 seconds for my dog CeCe to fall asleep on my new Casper. Looks like I’m going to have to order her in her own if I want mine for myself. Kudos guys. I believed the hype and it was SO worth it.” — Jake T.

“Our French Bulldog loves his Casper pet bed. He laid down the minute we put it in his spot and he sleeps like a baby all night!” — Barbara S.

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