A Star-Studded Affair: The Casper Dogfluencer Steak Dinner

By Alyse Borkan  |  Aug 24, 2016
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On the evening of August 18, 2016, the most elite dogs on Instagram gathered in downtown Manhattan to celebrate the launch of the Casper dog mattress. The dogs showed off their nicest coats, all groomed to the nines. The camera lights flashed, the hot dog flavored water flowed, and nobody left hungry.

Missed it? We’re giving a behind-the-scenes look at this season’s most exclusive event…

The dogs arrived on the green turf carpet where they had their photo taken and signed autographs. Crowds of paparazzi gathered to sneak a shot of celebrity guests including Menswear Dog, Toast and Marnie._MG_7165 (hi-res)_MG_6966 (hi-res)_MG_6806 (hi-res)  IMG_6670 (hi-res)
After they walked the carpet, they were escorted to their seats. Each dog was served by a white gloved waiter. A string quartet serenaded the pack with classical compositions including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out.

Bread baskets filled with biscuits were placed on the table. The first course, hot dog flavored water, was poured promptly at 8pm.
_MG_7462 (hi-res) _MG_7451 (hi-res) _MG_7471 (hi-res)
After the appetizer cleared, it was finally the moment the dogs had been waiting for. The waiters revealed a juicy medium rare steak served over a bed of sweet potato mash. A side of roasted brussels sprouts and cranberry glaze complemented the steak. The meal was prepared perfectly by PetPlate.
 _MG_7553 (hi-res)
Seated at the end of the table were Marnie and Samson. After yapping about the city’s best dog parks, the two indulged in their five-star dinner. Samson scarfed down his steak within seconds. He politely asked for another strip instead of going after hers.
_MG_7584 (hi-res)
Ella Bean might be the most petite of pups, but she chowed down with the biggest of canines. She delicately ate the garnish to save the best for last. Sisters Toast and Pants worked together to make sure there was no steak left behind.IMG_6932 (hi-res)IMG_6906 (hi-res)Lastly, the dogs were served a heaping bowl of Shake Shack’s Pooch-ini Sundae with vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce. Quincy Fox savored hers, while Pants dove in head first.
IMG_6996 (hi-res)IMG_7038 (hi-res)

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