The New Show You Need to Watch When You Can’t Sleep

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 3, 2015
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Snuggle up. Another TV binge session is on the way. According to Deadline, Director Mike Cahill will write and direct Hulu’s new drama, Sleepless, about the sudden “outbreak of an insomnia epidemic” where people have been driven mad by the inability to fall asleep. Wait. So. It is a zombie series with recklessly sleep-deprived people. (Pretty much the same thing, right?)

36-year-old director Cahill is relatively new in the film making community. However, he has established himself as an imaginative and thoughtful science fiction film making – directing 2011’s Another Earth and 2014’s I Origins. Cahill has taken imaginative, otherworldly premises and grounded them in very real stories.

The show, officially sold to Hulu by Tall Girl Productions, is to be adapted from Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun. One of our favorite sleep-centric novels, the dystopian tale imagines a world stricken by pandemic insomnia. The victims, rendered zombie-like by wakefulness, prey on what few survivors they find asleep.

According to Deadline, Sleepless may be a ten-episode continuing series, with Cahill writing and directing most episodes in the first season. It sounds like a perfect fit for Cahill, whose ability to combine stories of human suffering with beautiful, dreamlike imagery has never seemed more relevant than it does for this particular project. Even better if Marling — a usual player in Cahill’s films — is somehow involved.

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Image credit: Alyssa L. Miller / Creative Commons

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