The Sleep Symposium Was Anything But A Snooze

By Maggie Taylor  |  Apr 18, 2016
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In case you were in bed sleeping during the Sleep Symposium, we’ve got you covered. We spent Sunday exploring the science and culture of sleep with expert sleepers like Arianna Huffington, Reggie Watts, St. Lucia, and Neil Harbisson.

We began the day with a keynote address from renowned sleep revolutionist Arianna Huffington. She discussed the importance of a proper 8 hours and that separating personal devices from our sleep environments is crucial. She advised that you shouldn’t even keep them in the same room. Bye, iPhone. She also deemed the snooze button a barbaric invention. Slow clap for Arianna, everyone.

Sean Mohanan (K-Hole Founder), Adrianne Jeffries (Motherboard Editor), Theresa Fisher (Van Winkle’s Editor), and Neil Harbisson (Cyborg Activist) examined the concept of Slowave, the socio-economic concept of sleep.

Benjamen Walker (Host of Theory of Everything), Carlo Mirarchi (Owner of Roberta’s), Reggie Watts (Beatboxer and Comedian), and Michael Rapaport (Host) discussed how they sleep (and we learned a lot). Michael Rapaport himself has a reoccurring dream that he starts for the Knicks, while Carlo Mirarchi dreams about his hands slowly becoming footballs. Reggie Watts stressed the importance of edibles when traveling.

Downstairs, we featured a variety of sleep experiences. Illustrator Branche Coverdale drew dreams. The Theta Virtual Reality, a guided meditation virtual reality spa experience,  sensorial decadence and medical relaxation. Donna D Cruz guided a mass guided meditation on the power of rest. The night ended with nightcaps and a dance-worthy DJ set from St. Lucia.

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If you missed it, check out videos from our live stream on our Facebook page.

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