The Top 6 Snooziest Halloween Costumes

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 29, 2015
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There are two types of trick-or-treaters. There are those who meticulously plan their Halloween costumes for weeks, slaving over glue guns, felt, and Hobby Lobby trinkets to build an award-winning look that gets talked about for days. Then, there are those who would rather stay in bed than celebrate. If you need a look to represent how you feel, look no further.

Sleepover Guest (For the Tired): It’s Halloween Day. You roll out of bed and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Hmmmmm. And there you have it. Whether it’s a perfectly patterned matching set, boxers and an oversized tee, or that fluffy robe you wear religiously, it’ll be the perfect Bed Potato costume. Don’t even think about running a comb through your hair. You need the authentic sleepy look — bed head is perfect. Grab a blanket and an eye-mask, and you’re ready to go.

Sleeping Beauty (For the Nap Queen): Obviously, you can swing by Party City and pick up a standard Sleeping Beauty costume. But why not go for the pun? Opt for a prom dress and a sleeping cap. Aurora has nothing on you.

Emoji (For the SMS Obsessed): Apple just released more than 150 Emojis. Unicorn, taco, lion, oh my! It’s easy to see why we’d be biased toward the new bed emoji. Draw out your bed on construction paper,  glue it to a wooden popsicle stick, and wear all black.

The Hangover (For the Party Goer): Halloween delicately falls on a Saturday this year. And sometimes, Friday nights get the best of us. So, why dress up when you can go in your authentic Saturday morning self? Accompany yourself with a liter of Gatorade in one hand and a bacon, egg, and cheese in the other. Delicately smear last night’s make-up across your face. Whip your hair into a messy up-do. There you have it, a perfectly executed Hungover Halloween. You’re not lazy, you’re effortless.

Couch Potato (For the Movie Marathoner): After a weekend of watching scary movies, why not dress in your true form? Dress in all brown, wear a blanket, and carry a remote or two. Voila! 

Sheet Ghost (For the Classic): Ah, the sheet ghost. It is almost too classic and too iconic. So much so, that it is unexpected. Simply gather a sheet, cut two eye holes, and drape over your head. Cons? Stark lack of originality. Pros? No need for sticky Halloween make-up or uncomfortable polyester. And because everyone is trying to be the next big thing, you’ll most likely see no costumes duplicates.

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