This Week in Sleep: A Week of Recovery

By Alyse Borkan  |  Jul 11, 2015
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While you were catching up on sleep to recover from your red, white, and blue weekend — we caught up on these sleep stories. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

The consequences of sleep deprivation often go unnoticed, but when you’re tired, your cognitive performance can sometimes be similar to that of someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.1%. Many of us don’t even realize we need more sleep, and have false beliefs that we can perform just fine under four to five hours of sleep a night. (The New Yorker)

Cereal is a great breakfast no matter how it’s served: berries, milk, nuts, yum. But ice? Have you tried the latest trend to make your cereal even cooler?  (TODAY)

Fascinated by sleep — or are you just looking for the next summer novel to dive into on the beach? Either way, these 9 novels will keep you entertained while you spend you Saturday in the sun. (Van Winkles)

Remember when your parents would give you a time out for not abiding by their rules? This family from South Carolina sounds like they took it a bit too far by making a child sleep alone in the woods, all because she ate a… Pop-Tart. (Van Winkles)

This week, Google released a “Deep Dream” software that transforms images into trippy, dream-like photos. The artificial intelligence system uses code to detect faces and other patterns in whatever image you are using, then edits the image through a repeating pattern. The results are intriguing, and in some cases, just plain crazy. (The Telegraph)

Good at organizing? Check. Good at negotiating? Check! “Bad” at sleeping? You might not consider yourself a perfectionist, but many of us apply unrealistic standards to sleep. (Elle)

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