Week in Sleep: Sun and Snooze

By Betty L  |  Jun 20, 2015
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While you were putting the final touches on your summer vacation plans, we caught up on these sleep stories. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

Wondering what to choose for your midnight snack? Here are the best and worst foods to feast on before you head to bed. (Van Winkles)

Sometimes we’re going full speed ahead, without taking the time to identify how tired we really are. Now there are glasses that can let you know when you need a nap, simply by assessing your blinking and eye movement in 8 different directions. (USA Today)

You don’t have to convince us to drop off everything in the name of bedtime, but Wall Street is notorious for choosing stocks over sleep. Their new policy of prohibiting interns to work between midnight to 7am is one step in the right direction. (CBS News)

Feeling exhausted, but confused because you simultaneously, you also have a lot of energy? You’re both tired and wired. Our brains are increasingly becoming simultaneously stimulated and exhausted. (Van Winkles)

Pillows, coffee, cuddling, and cats — all present at the new D.C. cafe, Crumbs & Whiskers. (Washington Post)

Early riser or complete night owl? Your chronotype is to blame. (Van Winkles)

Persistent insomnia is even worse for you than you thought. In addition to the laundry list of poor health complications, it turns out that not getting enough sleep also allows neurotoxins to build up in your brain, especially one protein, beta-amyloid, that can further worsen sleep and is also linked to Alzheimer’s disease. (Business Insider)

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