Top Casper Mattress Reviews of 2015

By Alyse Borkan  |  Dec 23, 2015
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This was the dreamiest year yet, and our customers have been nothing but motivational sleepers. Read what they thought of the Casper mattress in 2015:

Dear Casper, I know we’ve only known each other for one week, but since you came to live with us, it’s like you are my soul mate, and I don’t know how I lived without you before. I’m sorry I had to leave you so soon.I miss you already.Sincerely, Visiting the in-laws for Christmas. (Jacelyn)

Unboxing the mattress was super easy. My husband and I love sleeping on it, and I think about it all day! Casper is the Beyonce’ of mattresses. My old mattress was a major brand, cost a bit more that Casper and I was never comfortable on it. Everyone should try Casper! (Roilyn)

Ian and Abby Corry made an unboxing video soon after receiving their Casper mattress in the mail. The Tampa Bay, Fla. couple had just returned an uncomfortable mattress they bought on the cheap from a department store’s Black Friday sale… The couple’s review of the Casper is almost entirely positive—Mr. Corry says this is in part because he and his wife had such a negative experience with the department store mattress. (Charlie, Wall Street Journal)

This company is mind-blowing. So hip and straight-forward, the customer experience is outstanding. Then I got my mattress… I was worried I’d be hot. I was worried it would be too firm. Then I had the most solid and comfortable sleep of my life. No exaggeration. I knew within 1 sleep I wouldn’t need to take advantage of the 100 day trial. The only downside to this mattress is that you can stay in bed all day long and never get a sore back or become restless. I can’t wait for my next fly/cold! (David)

Buy yourself a Casper bed, sign up for the ‘Snoozeletter’, find a mate to share your new magical-mystical-feathery-pleasure-bed and just live, man. (Michelle)

First of all, there’s nothing better than just having a mattress delivered to your door in a box, especially if you drive a small car. My only problem with this bed is that I have a really hard time waking up in the morning now. I basically just want to lie there forever and avoid all of my responsibilities. I’ve been late to work every day since I bought this thing. Anyway, this mattress has fantastic air flow, is soft as a cloud but perfectly firm, and isn’t covered in ugly floral brocade. It’s very cool looking. (Alex)

Casper’s newest product offerings creates an image of a precisely and painstakingly-crafted bed set. Taken in altogether, their strategy for developing pillows and sheets in addition to their key product, the mattress, gives the sense of a whole line of fare fine-tuned for rest. With the addition of these two dozing essentials, the startup has continued toward their mission of engineering the perfect bed. Looks like beauty sleep just got a whole new meaning. (PSFK)

I hate shopping for cars and mattresses. We took a chance on Casper and it has been awesome. the experience of getting and installing this mattress couldn’t have been easier. The quality of the product and sleep are great. We now just need Casper to start selling Volvo’s. (Carey)

From the moment my Casper arrived on our doorstep, to birthing out of the box, we have been over the moon in LOVE. The first night I found out what it was like to sleep like the dead. No sore achy back, more dreams than i thought possible and way more sleep. And now I spend every waking moment thinking about how I can get back in my bed – it is THAT comfortable. It is most likely that I need a twelve step program for my bed. BEST. BED. EVER. end of story. (Amy & Wally)

Can I preface with how amazing customer service is at the Casper compound? I was on a time crunch with getting my Casper, some tomfoolery happened with UPS at the distro center messin’ with my Christmas and these folk overnighted me my friggin’ mattress! Who doe’s that? Casper did. So unboxing the thing, if you wanna go to my Instagram @fritosandpepsi, I made a little video. It took like 3 minutes. The smell is that of very faint fresh plaster, which I’m gross, I sorta enjoy. It didn’t linger, and the smell of lavender and sage from my freshly laundered sheets overtook any aroma that was there. The Casper had an unfair advantage over my last mattress. My last mattress was one of those bulls#$t Serta base model back breakers that represented sleepless nights and a failed marriage. So, I think a sleeping bag full of empty plastic water bottles would have been a more comfy mattress, but for real though, it’s what’s next is what matters. Sleep is very important to me. I work a concentrated week of 3 13.5 hour overnight shifts so when I go to bed I can’t be fighting cramps and back/side pain to join the slumber Gods. My 1st night’s sleep, it was almost too comfy. I couldn’t fall asleep!! It was weird, but I had the next day off so I didn’t wig out. When the florescent beige moon stork finally carried me to the vegan donut fortress located deep in the almond milk dirty chai galaxy I was out for a total of 11 hours y’all! (Fred)

I’ve slept on my Casper for almost a week now, and I don’t think I’ll ever sleep on anything else. The mattress is the perfect blend of soft and sturdy. The foam topping contours to my body, but unlike memory-foam mattresses I’ve had in the past, there’s no sinking feeling. Moreover, the foam circulates air surprisingly well, so there’s always a neutral temperature on top. If you’re strapped for time, on a budget, and addicted to the convenience of online shopping, this mattress is definitely worth considering. (PopSugar)

We spend about a third of our time sleeping, so the mattress you sleep on every night is incredibly important. Casper offers a great night’s sleep without the hassle of trying out beds on the showroom floor. Their mattresses are made in the USA from premium latex foam for cooling and memory foam for support. Plus, the mattress is compress-shipped right to your door. And since the best mattress won’t reach it’s full potential if you coat it with crappy sheets, they also offer a full line of bedding made from super-soft Supima cotton sourced from California, and pillows filled with tiny fibers that provide just the right amount of support while keeping you cool. (Uncrate)

Is this heaven? It must be. Where has this been and why did I not know about it sooner? I never knew tugging the old lumpy mattress to the curb would bring such joy. Thanks Casper! (Sevag)

Dear Casper, You are the most amazing mattress in the whole world. I will always love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wake up every morning grateful to have you in my life. Never change. You are my one true mattress love. (Thalia)

To put it simply, I feel like this mattress is like the In-N-Out of beds. One bed for almost everyone. No crazy menu or add on features. One bed. One price. And I can say, one month in, this bed is seriously the best bed ever for the price especially if you’re the type who values a firm, but super comfortable, bed. (Mike)

Buying a new mattress is a lot like purchasing a used car: stressful, confusing and likely to overwhelm you with options. “We want to cut the clutter,” says Philip Krim, CEO of Casper, one of many startups upending the sleep industry. The model is simple: create one mattress style; up the comfort factor (using a mix of foams); set clear prices; and sell it online (cutting costs, so prices remain low). Once the mattress arrives—it’s vacuum-packed in a cardboard box—customers get a 100-day trial period during which they can return it for a full refund. But that rarely happens, says Krim. Casper’s sales are expected to exceed $75 million this year, making it a leader among its startup competitors. (TIME’s Best Inventions of 2015)

Shopping for a daughter who just moved into her first apartment, or for a grandmother who is in need of a better night’s sleep? Casper mattresses have been getting rave reviews in 2015, not just for the comfort of their mattress, but also for the quality of customer service. Mattresses are available in sizes from Twin to California King, so you can find just the right size for the woman you’re shopping for. Each mattress consists of a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam. This ensures a healthy “bounce” in the mattress, and also helps to regulate a cool, comfortable sleeping temperature. Every mattress is hand sewn together in South Carolina and Illinois, but still manages to cost less than the average mattress. Is there really any better gift than the gift of a good night of sleep? (Tucker)

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