10 Reasons To Embrace “The Joy Of Missing Out”

By Lottie Coltman  |  Oct 25, 2017
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This weekend is one of the most confusing times of the year.


Because it is the end of Daylight Savings  – that disorientating period when we arbitrarily CHANGE ACTUAL TIME (can we all take a moment to think about how weird that is?).

The good news is that with longer nights comes more excuses to stay in doing sweet, sweet nothing.

Introducing JOMO. The Joy Of Missing Out.

10 Reasons why you should banish the FOMO and embrace JOMO… 

  1. When you go outside, to ya’ know, socialise and what not, you are (legally and socially) expected to put clothes on. Apparently, pyjamas are “not appropriate party attire”. This means you have to worry about an outfit, wash said clothes and maybe even, God forbid, IRON something.
  2. If you haven’t noticed, the outside by its very nature has a somewhat unpredictable weather temperament. By leaving the house you are therefore forced to endure a number of unfavourable conditions – wet and cold nastiness that will wreak havoc on your health, hair and general enthusiasm for the world. But in your own home, you can create a microclimate that suits your hairstyle AND your mood. “It’s raining? Oh really, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t seen the sky in three weeks.”
  3. Socialising = small talk. Lengthy conversations with that really boring second-time Tinder date your friend insists on bringing to dinner. You know who you have to talk to when you’re at home? Nobody. Or maybe your pet. But they won’t answer back or have stupid political opinions.
  4. Bars are loud. You and you alone control the volume of your TV.
  5. Events beget events – go to one thing and you might accidentally make friends and then you are gonna just have more social engagements you have to avoid. Stay in, get invited nowhere and be the first person to finish Netflix.
  6. If you leave the house then it’s likely that you will have to use public transport and/or a car. Both of these are prone to breakdowns and delays. But if the only travelling you have to do is from your bed to the fridge, you know what can get in your way? NOTHING. There is no such thing as a delay on the “Crumpet-to-mouth Line”.
  7. Most things you do outside of your house cost money. Maybe not going for a walk or sitting in a park but who are you kidding you weren’t going to do that anyway. If you embrace JOMO you can save the money you would have spent on overpriced prosecco and low-quality fried chick and buy something really important – like a novelty hat for your cat.
  8. You don’t just save money by staying in but you also increase the value you get out of the money you do spend – by truly getting your money’s worth out of your rent. What is the point in paying £700 quid a month to live in a cramped room in Clapham if you don’t spend any time there?!
  9. Less chance of Stranger Things spoilers.
  10. More time in your Casper. Possibly the best reason of all. Because when something is this comfortable, why leave it?

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