5 Alternative Uses for Your Mattress Protector

By Lottie Coltman  |  Jun 27, 2017
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Ok, ok we know what you’re thinking – a mattress protector isn’t THE most interesting subject in the world. Stains aren’t a particularly sexy thought and it doesn’t even have HD, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities like some, more exciting, household goods.

But do you know what?!

We don’t agree! Not only is this unsung hero on the front line – night in, night out – protecting your bed (and therefore your sleep!), it also has more possible uses than you think.

All it takes is a little imagination…

Hammock: So there is a brief break in the cloud, huh? Take advantage of it by whipping the cover off of your bed, hotfooting it outside and tying it between two trees (or lampposts, if you’re a city slicker). Just the place to swing your cares away. Added bonus: It’s waterproof so a spot of spilled sangria won’t do any harm, and if the heavens do open you can wrap it around you completely – instant human cocoon!

Halloween costume: Ok, so you might not be thinking about this yet but if you’re anything like us you’re going to leave it to the last minute, in which case it’s worth pointing out that a mattress protector is excellent for all of the following; zombie waterproof bride, crisp white angel of death or, our personal favourite, ancient Greek corpse with a toga that has managed to stay weirdly stain free. Not only will you look terrifying (what can we say? We’re easily scared) but if you happen to eat so many sweets that you throw up, you won’t ruin your clothes.

Cape: We know what you’re thinking – this should be underneath Halloween costume, right?! But why wait until October to wear a cape? You know what they say – “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Of course, if Superman had been British he probably would have opted for something waterproof too…

Reusable canvas: So, you fancy yourself as a regular Picasso but don’t have any of the talent? No worries. Because the best thing about using a mattress protector as the vehicle of your artistic impulses is that it’s washable! Even if your attempt at a self-portrait comes out looking like a drunken stickman, you can just bung it in the machine and nobody need know.

A makeshift office: Hate your colleagues? We’ve all been there – the bad news is that we live in an age of open plan offices. Gone are the days of felt cubicles keeping you safe from the inane chatter of Dave, who spits when he talks. But we have a plan – build a rudimentary frame around your desk, drape the mattress protector over it and voila, you have yourself a fort of solitude. Ok, so there’s no windows and the mood lighting may be lacking but the protector is breathable, so at least you won’t suffocate. You’ll also be safe from your morning shower from Dave.

Did we mention that we have just launched a mattress protector? Which means these, and a million other fun possibilities (ok, ok, maybe not a million), are only a couple of clicks away…

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