5 Things That Are Better Done In Bed (And Why)

By Lottie Coltman  |  Jul 5, 2017
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Turn the clock back 50 years or so and the bedroom was a place used simply for sleep and… well…  “baby making activities”. Now, don’t get us wrong, these are not at all a bad way to pass the time (and they most definitely come Casper approved), but they are also no longer the only way to have fun in between the sheets.

In fact, in our recent sleep trend report, we found that there is an emerging group using their bed as the cornerstone for every area of their lives – including work, relaxation, and social activities.  

Enter, “Generation Bed” – a pioneering (and predominantly horizontal) group turning the humble bed into a safe haven, sanctuary and the setting of many, many hangovers.

But what activities might you consider taking into the bedroom and why?

Our survey participants recommend the following*…

*Justifications added by us, based on a significant time spent doing these things on the Casper mattress – feel free to adopt and adapt them when anyone tries to tell you to get up.

Shopping sprees: The reasons to shop in bed are pretty much endless – no unflattering mirrors, no pushy sales people judging you for wearing pyjamas (because who hasn’t popped into Sainsbury’s in their PJs for a pint of milk?!) and a soft surface to break your fall after any credit card bill shocks.

Online dating: Constant swiping is hard work and makes for tired thumbs, but it is the emotional toll that makes your bed the perfect setting for the rollercoaster that is modern dating. Disappointing matches, an empty inbox, or sudden ghosting are no longer a problem – because, as we all know, there is no heartbreak that can’t be fixed with a family sized tub of ice cream and a quick nap.

Dinner: Traditionally breakfast has been the only meal to make its way into the bedroom, but why stop there? Have you ever experienced a food coma with a 30-minute tube ride home ahead of you? It’s not pretty. Do yourself a favour – light a couple of candles, stick on some smooth jazz and under “special instructions” tell the delivery guy to slide the pizza under the bedroom door. No need to roll yourself to bed afterward, because you’re already there.

Yoga: Yoga in the park may have the added bonus of giving you Instagram material and making you look like someone who has their life together but, as anyone who has ever tried a “one handed tree pose” in public knows, you are more likely to make a fool out of yourself than anything else. This is where Boga (bed yoga) comes in – prop yourself up with some pillows, use your mattress to break your inevitable fall and then “meditate” to the repetitive sound of your hand reaching inside a crisp packet…

Work: WFH is all well and good, but why camp out at the kitchen table when you can make PJs your uniform, pillows your desk and swap trips to the water cooler for trips to the land of nod?! All you need a flask full of coffee, enough snacks to last the day and a kickass playlist. Not only that, but no commute means more time to work your way through your favourite Nextflix series ‘To Do’ list.

So, there we have it – all the reasons you need to join the bed revolution. Welcome to Generation Bed.

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