5 Ways to Recreate Glastonbury… From Your Bed…

By Lottie Coltman  |  Jun 27, 2017
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Ok, guys, Glastonbury is officially over for another year. This means two things: Firstly, if you didn’t manage to get tickets, you can finally look at your newsfeed without getting a serious case of FOMO. Secondly, if you did get tickets, you are probably falling back to the real world with a painful bump right now. Of course, if you were smart you have booked a few days off to binge watch GoggleBox and sob into your takeaway pizza – lamenting for all the good times now gone forever.

But why should you return to the real world? We say, put it off as long as possible!

With that in mind, we have created the Casper guide to recreating Glastonbury… From your bed…

1. Whether you are arriving at Worthy Farm or your bedroom, the first step is to set up camp – of course, your tent probably now smells less than savoury (if it came back at all) so you are going to need to improvise. Don’t worry, all you need is an extra set of Casper sheets, some duct tape and a bit of imagination – voilà, you have a makeshift bed-tent. If you are purist, consider shoving a few pillows under your mattress protector to mimic the lumps and bumps of uneven ground (because unfortunately for you, the Casper mattress is a lovely supportive sleep surface and not an overcrowded field…).

2. Now that you have somewhere to rest your head and hide from your responsibilities, you need to focus on atmosphere. For this, we recommend putting your portable speaker under your Casper pillow – something with a lot of bass so that the dull thump of distant music can lull you to sleep. Of course, the smell of clean bedding is probably overpowering for anyone who has spent the last five days without a shower so, if you must, let your pets have a little trample over your sheets with muddy feet – because what is life without a little dirt? And luckily we made them washable.

3. Next, tie random bits of string to your bed so you can recreate the searing pain caused by tripping over tent wires on your way to sleep*. This has the added bonus of making you look like a secret agent trying to avoid lasers beams (unless you fall, in which case you probably look more like a worse for wear Mr Bean).

*Health and safety warning – please don’t actually do this, we like you and don’t want you to get hurt.

4. Going from a crowd of 250,000 people to a party of one can be disorientating so bribe your housemates to randomly start chanting from the living room a couple of times a day – extra points for them if they are also willing to walk around the flat with unnecessarily large and cumbersome flags.

5. Finally, open your leftover pot of glitter and blow. That way the memories of Glastonbury will live on forever… and ever… and ever…

And there we have it, your very own Glastonbury – and one where you can actually get a good night sleep thanks to your Casper mattress. And, of course, you can stay as long as you want. Or at least until your boss calls with a final warning…

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