9 Imaginative Ways to Beat the UK Heatwave

By Lottie Coltman  |  Jun 20, 2018
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Let’s face it, whenever the UK summer brings actual, you know, SUN, we don’t really know what to do with ourselves. Our roads start to melt, we turn up to the offices looking like we just stepped out of the shower and we let our bedrooms become infested with insects just so that we can sleep with the window open.

And with the UK currently hotter than the Maldives (something that sounds like a lot of fun until you realise it’s a slightly different experience being in Slough than it is a luxury resort) it’s fair to say we are all on a mission to beat the heat…

Here are our top tips:

  • Fill a wheelie bin with jelly and spend the day sitting in it while it melts – feel free to take a few sneaky bites when nobody’s looking.
  • Head down to your grandparents’ house, remove the 50 years worth of frozen Shepherd’s pies and take a nap in their chest freezer.
  • Tell your siblings, cousins, children (failing that, gullible friends will do) that you are having a water fight, fill their balloons with ice water and then don’t run anywhere.
  • Pretend the Ice Bucket Challenge is having a resurgence by sitting at your desk and continuously dumping bucket after bucket of ice water over yourself (probably best to put something waterproof over you laptop before attempting this one).
  • Break open your emergency piggy bank, take the £5.50 your nan has given you in 5ps over the years and buy as many freeze pops as you can from the local newsagents – wrap them in a wet tea towel and apply to your worst spots of sunburn.
  • Visit your in-laws and insult any of the following; their cooking, the decor of their home (which hasn’t changed in 30 years) or their precious son/daughter’s ability to function in an adult relationship – then simply sit back and let their frosty gazes rapidly drop your core body temperature.
  • Go down to your local spin class and sit in the middle of the circle – all fans on you!
  • Dig out your Mr Slushy from the attic (or steal it back from any young relatives you have previously been kind enough to give it to) and steadily churn out a disappointing stream of flavoured ice to eat/put on your forehead.
  • Track down David Blaine, demand to know where he got that block of ice that he lived in for 3 days and then purchase one for each member of the family.

Don’t fancy any of the above? Well, ok then, we do have one more suggestion – because the best way to stay cool this summer is to stay in bed.

As long as it’s a Casper. That’s because our award-winning engineering team has obsessively designed the Casper mattress, sheets and pillow to help you sleep cool. So, say goodbye to spooning with your fan or running to stick your head in the freezer before the next episode of Netflix starts.

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