How to deal with Bed Separation Anxiety

By Lottie Coltman  |  Jul 10, 2018
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Look, the days are longer and the sun is out – unless you lock the door, chuck your phone in the bin and invest in a decent black out blind, the sad fact is that you are going to have to spend more time away from your bed than you are in it.

We know, it’s hard for us too.

The only thing to be done is to take steps to minimise the anxiety you get from being vertical for so long…

Introducing the Casper guide to Bed Separation Anxiety:

  • Carry a photo of your bed — It has been shown that looking at photos of baby animals can reduce stress and even increase a person’s tolerance to pain. So, it makes sense to us that just looking at a photo of your cozy bed is going to bring back much-needed happy memories of snoozier times. So snap a pic, print one for your wallet and one to frame on your desk and if anyone asks just tell them “it’s normal to have photos of your loved ones”.
  • Bring back the blanket — In the same way that pet owners will leave a piece of clothing with their scent on in the bed of their furry friends in order to make time apart less stressful, you too should have a constant textile reminder of your happy place. And if you don’t think an adult blanket is a good look – you can always fashion it into a sarong or pass it off as a picnic blanket. Sneaky!
  • Embrace the digital pillow talk — Yep, we’re talking about video calling your bed. Because what is the point of Facetime if it can’t transport you to a happier place? This is technology that is normally wasted on confused technophobe family members that can’t find the camera. Save yourself the heartbreak of 12 hours a day without your mattress and set up a live stream to dip into during your day whenever you needs to relax – because crazy people might talk to themselves but smart people talk to their beds.

Finally, and perhaps the most extreme solution…

  • Strap yourself to your mattress so and go about your day — Ok, admittedly you might have to hit the gym and work on your upper body strength a bit for this one but who wouldn’t want their bed with them at all times? Any time you want a nap, just let yourself go and there it is – your mattress ready to catch you when you fall. The ultimate summertime accessory. Because whoever said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, obviously didn’t love their bed enough…Of course, if you don’t have a bed as comfortable as the Casper mattress you might not struggle with Bed separation anxiety at all…


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