Did we mention that it is ‘Napvember’ ?

By Lottie Coltman  |  Nov 15, 2017
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Look, we know some of you are wishing November away.

Nope, don’t deny it. We’ve heard you – claiming it to be a “nothing” month. Just a sad little filler in between Halloween and Christmas.

But we’re here to tell you that you’re doing November wrong.


It is your chance to do what you do best! Nothing at all.

Introducing, NAPVEMBER. An excuse to stay in bed and catch up on excessive amounts of sleep.

“Why didn’t you mention this before?!” you shout, through a stifled yawn. Well, we only just thought of it. Sorry about that. Here are four reasons you should embrace it (or what’s left of it) anyway.

  1. It’s cold outside alright?! We can’t pretend anymore. There is no Indian summer to cling on to. But do you know where isn’t cold? YOUR BED. Wrap up in your cosiest PJs and become one with your duvet.
  2. While we recommend leaving the house once the Christmas celebrations have started (because… you, know… booze, presents and food), it is best to stay put for now. Why? Crap Christmas music, that’s why. It’s everywhere – every supermarket, office, and pub. So, if you don’t want Feliz Navidad stuck in your head for the next 6 weeks, keep a low profile.
  3. Do you know how much socialising you are going to have to do in December?! A LOT. We’re talking the dreaded Christmas party (probably spent holding back the hair of an intern who can’t handle shots), family get-togethers (with your politically incorrect grandparents) and, of course, a disappointing New Year’s Eve. You’re going to need your energy, so conserve it while you can. Our recommendation? Lock the door, shut the blinds and sleep the day away.
  4. Some people would say that now is the time to hit the gym in preparation for all the gluttony of December. Those people are fools. This is a time to train, yes, but it is your stomach that needs to prepare. How are you going to work your way through an entire Christmas dinner and a family sized box of Roses if you haven’t practised? Get into bed, eat as many snacks as possible (preferably while binge watching Netflix) and then fall into a food-coma just long enough to be considered hibernation.

So, there we go. Basically, naps are great and we’ve given you four reasons to take more of them. What else could you need?

Go forth, climb into your Casper and snooze the rest of the month away.

Long live Napvember!


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