A Guide: How to Break Up With Your Old Mattress

By Dylan Blanchard  |  Feb 21, 2017
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Breakups can be tough. There’s never an easy way to say goodbye to someone — or something — that’s been an integral part of your life for so long. But there comes a time when you have move on to better things. Just rip the sheets off, and explain to your old mattress that things are officially over.

Follow these tips so you can lay it down easy:

When it’s been too long. 

Explain your side. It’s time your mattress understands that you’ve grown apart. You’ve just been together for way too long. You can’t even remember when you first met. Yes, your mattress was there for you in university when you drank too much and the room was spinning. It was there for you when you hid under the blankets during that one unbearable snow storm. It was also there for you when you needed a shoulder — or mattress protector — to cry on. But times have changed. Let your mattress know that you’ll always look back at those memories fondly, but there’s 4 layers of foam waiting for you.

When the support isn’t there.

Don’t dance around the truth. Your old, creaky spring mattress just doesn’t give you the support you really need. You work long hours, maintain a healthy social life, and your back isn’t getting any younger. At the end of the day, you need a mattress that will always have your back, no matter what. The Casper will provide the support you’ve been looking for without getting too clingy. The top breathable open-cell foam layer will let you sleep comfortable and cool.

When you need some space.

Speak your mind. You can feel constricted being tied-down to your old, single mattress that once fit into your halls of residence. Get the space you deserve. Upgrade to the super king-sized mattress of your dreams. You don’t have to settle for anything less. You’re worth it. 

How to give it the final goodbye.

When your old mattress gets the message, it’s time to make a move and replace it. Don’t sleep around at a showroom. You don’t want to waste time testing a bunch of options that won’t be perfect for you. Most say we’re the best in bed. Conveniently, your new Casper comes equipped with a bag to ditch the old mattress. Throw it in, toss it down the stairs, and bring it to a dumpster. Don’t worry, you’ll forget it even existed once you lie down on your new mattress.

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