Your Guide to Working from Bed is Here

By Michael Martin  |  Feb 6, 2017
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It’s perhaps the greatest creation of the digital era… the ability to work from home. What, you thought we were talking about Wikipedia?

There’s no dress code, no elevator small talk, and no coworkers around to interrupt your workflow. Make sure you get the most out of your time in bed. Here’s how:

Set 5 extra alarms.
If you’re working from bed, it’s really ridiculously easy to oversleep.

Run to a coffee shop, set your machine, or even make instant. Anything to keep you from falling back into that sweet, sweet slumber.

Update your calendar.
Put a WFB hold. You don’t want anyone to think you’re taking a meeting in real life.

Spread out.
No matter how big your bed is, you should still take advantage of your nightstand real estate. Fill a water carafe (or if you don’t have one in your cabinet, 3 cups is close enough), store snacks, get a pile of Post-Its, and keep a notebook handy. The more you can have near you, the less you have to get up.

Use your pillows practically.
They can be used as a built-in lap desk, a place to put your lunch, arm rest, extra back support, or a designated spot for your phone. You know, so it doesn’t get lost in the covers.

Have chargers handy.
The only thing worse than not having enough battery power is having to find a charger. Make sure you have every cord you need plugged in and ready to go at arm’s length. Bonus: Buy an extra set to keep in your nightstand in case of emergency.

Invest in impractically expensive headphones.
While you don’t need to tune out extra chatty coworkers at home, the temptation of using a remote can be equally distracting. A reliable playlist and the right headphones will keep you motivated.

Take a break.
It’s an uncomfortable fact: Lounging can be hard on the body. Workplace experts suggest taking a break after every 45 minutes. While you might not do that in a conference room, your bedroom is the perfect place to give it a try. Set a reminder on your phone — not on your work calendar — to get up and stretch a different body part each time. Roll your head to prevent neck kinks. Touch your toes to forgo a backache. Shake out your arms and fingers to prevent cramps. Don’t worry about your form. You’re not in the company of coworkers.

Get comfortable.
A Casper mattress, pillow, and sheet set is the corner office of the bedroom workplace. Except you don’t have to worry about the fluctuating temperature. One day at work you need a parka and the next you’re experiencing hot flashes. We’ve all been there. A Casper mattress will keep you cool all day long. Your comfort will lead to laser focus, insane productivity, and who knows, maybe even… a promotion.*

Fine print: Promotions not guaranteed and are up to the discretion of your manager.

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