How to really make Mum happy this Mother’s Day…

By Lottie Coltman  |  Mar 1, 2018
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Christmas, Pancake day, Easter – they all seem to sneak up on us unexpectedly, but the surprise, let’s face it, is a good one. Who doesn’t like to receive presents, chocolate and pancakes earlier than they expected? But there is one holiday that strikes fear into the hearts of all who have forgotten it:

Mother’s Day.

And the burning question – what to get her?

  • A coupon she’ll never redeem.
  • A bouquet of petrol station flowers with a 10-minute life expectancy
  • Perfume, like every other year.
  • A kitchen utensil that nobody understands, never-mind uses.
  • Something homemade but hideous.
  • A chocolate box that lasts a maximum of an hour.

Or you can really do her a favour this year by giving back something that you have been taking from her since day one – SLEEP! Whether it was teething pains or teenage rebellion, there is no doubt that most of us have caused our mums a sleepless night or two (or 10,000).

Fancy repaying your sleep debt? Here’s a quick guide to get you started…

Forget early morning wake-up calls

Look – we know your intentions are pure but is waking up your mum for a homemade breakfast really worth it? Let her decide when to wake up with a promise that you will cook for her whenever she does and then promise, whatever time it is, to still call it breakfast.

Team your foodie offering with something of the strong and alcoholic variety

You know what makes that afternoon nap even easier? Nature’s sleeping aid – no, we don’t mean Valerian root, something more along the lines of the Sauvignon Blanc variety…

Give her a Casper pillow

The best spot to rest weary heads – offering both the comfort and support that she’s been dishing out to you for years. Added bonus: you can complete the set by getting her another one next year.

There we have it, the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Want to really get in her good books and wipe the sleepless night slate clean? You can currently get 10% off the Casper mattress with the code ThanksMum.

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