The Lazy Person’s Guide To Easter Egg Hunts

By Lottie Coltman  |  Mar 23, 2018
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Chocolate is good and all – but you know what is even better?

Chocolate combined with naps.

With that in mind, here is the Casper guide to Easter egg hunts… from bed.

  1. Prepare the setting

    Hopefully your room is messy enough that it will provide ample egg hiding opportunity, however, if this is generally not the case then you need to prepare for the hunt. Do this by slowly increasing your slovenliness in the days beforehand – piles of clothes on the floor and empty cups all make for eggcellent hiding places.

  2. Remember, placement is key

    If someone is hiding the eggs for you then tell them that they are working within a strict radius of your mattress. If you’re hiding the eggs yourself (no judgement, why should you miss out on an Easter Egg hunt just because your parents/significant other/cat don’t care enough to create one for you?!) then the most efficient way to “hide them” (and the most random) is to close your eyes and throw at will.Note: Cadbury Creme Eggs are sturdier for this purpose but you also run the risk of splatter.

  3. Fashion some sort of grabbing tool

    You could hide the eggs IN your bed, in the folds of your duvet – but even we think laziness should have a line. This means that you will need something to help bring the eggs to you. How you do this it is your choice – and, if you ask us, the more random the better – something for the eggs to stick to, a pincer, or even a lasso. Whatever gets the job done. The most important thing is that it allows you to embark on your chocolate safari from under your blanket

  4. Protect your safe space Your bed is your kingdom, but let’s face it – a chocolate banquet in bed is likely to get messy. Sticky sheets are one thing but nobody wants chocolate stains ON their mattress. The solution? A mattress protector, of course. Because a safe egg hunt is a happy egg hunt.
  5. Eliminate other reasons to get up 

    Look, you’ve done all the work to make sure you can spend Easter in your favourite spot while remaining suitably sugar high – don’t let other, less important needs spoil your efforts. Egg hunting (even from bed) can be hard work – make sure you have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated (or chocolate milk if you really want to go full throttle) and enough shows in your Netflix queue for the next 12 hours.

Et voila! All the fun of an Easter egg hunt but all the comfort of a Casper mattress – what’s not to like? Especially with 10% off! Code: SAFEHAVEN

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