Loved-up people, you’re doing Valentine’s all wrong…

By Lottie Coltman  |  Feb 2, 2018
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Look, we know it is annoying when internet articles tell you that you are doing everything wrong. Tying your shoelace? You’re doing it wrong. Cutting an avocado? You’re doing it wrong. Breathing? Well, you’re probably doing that wrong too.

But… not to be hypocritical here… if you’re in a couple and planning on doing anything other than the activities described below this February 14th, then yeah, you are blatantly doing it wrong.

Stick with us and you’re about to have the best Valentine’s day ever.

  1. Cancel your other plans

    You know why people hate Valentine’s day? Because they shoehorn themselves into uncomfortable outfits only to then forcibly squeeze themselves into packed, overpriced restaurants like lovesick sardines. But do you know what? You have a choice! You don’t have to spend your night trying not to sit on the lap of the arguing couple next to you and paying 50 quid for an average plate of pasta. You can spend your time with your loved one, in your favourite place – your bed. No reservation needed.

  2. Swap expensive presents for something your partner really wants

    We all know that in this modern age, there is something more valuable than diamonds or expensive gadgets. That’s right – full control of your Netflix viewing schedule. If you want to really give “bae” something they will appreciate, load up the laptop, get in bed and tell them they get to choose whatever they want. No arguments allowed.
  3. Leave the lingerie out of it.

    You know what is sexy? Feeling comfortable. You know what isn’t sexy? Wearing torture devices that are so complicated that they take an engineering degree to get out of – turning any striptease into an activity about as enjoyable as half an hour untangling your headphones. Onesies might not be what generally comes to mind when you think of a naughty night in – but trust us, a partner that isn’t losing feeling in their extremities is going to feel more sexy overall. Plus, onesies unzip easily. Just saying.

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