The Must-Read Casper Mattress Reviews of 2016

By Katie Szymanski  |  Dec 30, 2016
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2016 was filled with good times, bad times, and bedtimes. Read how the Casper mattress made bedtime the best time last year for our customers across the world:

Best mattress in my history of mattresses. (Stanley)

Bought this for our teenager and he is testing it thoroughly. (Monique)

Totally amazing! How could you have created the perfect mattress for me when you don’t even know me? (Eloise)

Usually buying a mattress is like buying a car. High pressure and price and the remorse a few short months later when it doesn’t meet expectations. The 100-night trial was a little reassuring so we ordered the King and crossed our fingers. We also ordered a sheet set. It arrived very quickly and I tossed the sheets in a good hot water wash. After opening the Casper was set up in less than 5 minutes. The sheets fit perfectly and we have slept like babies since night one. (Hansen)

I don’t ever want to get out of bed now. (Hailey)

Like sleeping on a nest woven from unicorn mane and phoenix feathers. (Dillon)

Annoyed it took me so long to buy one. (Ross)

Where have you been all my life, Casper? (Philip & Michelle)

I would like to describe what it’s like to lay down on it. I would like to tell you what it’s like to fall asleep on one of these mattresses. But I can’t. Because every time I put my head down, I fall asleep too fast. (Justin)

Casper’s one-size-fits-all mattress helped revolutionise the market. (Wired)

Warning: this mattress will make it much harder to get out of bed in the morning! (Madison)

No trial period needed! Love at first sleep. (Rae & Andre)

I never had a problem being late for work in the morning… until now. (Colin)

Casper is the company at the forefront of a technology (and marketing) revolution that’s seeing perhaps one of the most domestic and boring of products – bedding – become this year’s must-have tech product. (The Independent)

Try it for yourself… it will change your DNA! (Danny)

Leaves a world traveller aching for home. We actually wish we were back at home, in our blissfully comfortable bed, rather than on our island paradise of choice. (Elisabeth)

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