By Katie Szymanski  |  Feb 7, 2017
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Everyone tries to start a book club, but it usually fizzles out when everyone realizes that books will always take a backseat. Instead of trying to make a book club happen, replace it with something more realistic: an episode binge club. Everyone picks a show, watches it, and meets to discuss all of the details. Follow these steps to make sure your first official meeting is a success:

1. Invite all of your friends.
Email. Text. A letter. Snapchat. You get the idea. And tell your friends to bring their friends. The more, the merrier.

2. Figure out a show that everyone will watch.
What about one that just came out? Like A Series of Unfortunate Events. If it’s all over the internet, no one can say no. What about one that everyone has been meaning to watch on iPlayer but hasn’t had a chance: Apple Tree Yard? If you pick one with a lot of layers (The OA), you’ll be able to talk about the fan theories for hours.

3. Host it at a regular meeting place and time.
Your place always works and involves less moving.

4. Diversify the options.
Sitcoms? Emotionally Independent Dramas for Hopeless Romantics? Coming-of-age Animal Tales? Pick a different one each time to make sure there’s a show that appeals to everyone.

5. Provide food and drinks. 
Ask everyone to Paypal you £10 and order everything for delivery on demand. Try a new food theme each week to spice it up. Sushi one week, curry the next.

6. Prepare thoughtful discussion questions.
What did you think of the plot twist during episode 7?”
“Who can tell me about the finale? I accidentally fell asleep.”
“How could they kill him off… again?”
“Who sang that one song at the end of episode 2?”
“What’s the name of that guy who played the main character’s ex-boyfriend? What show was he in before?”
“How long do we have to wait until the next series?”

7. Set ground rules.
Make sure everyone sticks to the series and episodes assigned. They must finish before the meeting, but they can’t jump ahead. No Netflix cheating allowed.

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