Week In Sleep: Long Weekend, Longer Nap

By Lottie Coltman  |  May 26, 2017
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While you were busy canceling your plans for the long weekend, we caught up on the latest sleep news. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

Front, side, back – most people claim to have a favourite sleep position (although we found  most of us move about more than we think). The same can’t be said for flamingoes. No, those guys are very set in their ways (or should that be position) which is stood on one leg. Now scientists think they know why… (The Washington Post)

Avocados? Great. Coffee? Even better. Coffee served in an avocado? Um… we’re not so sure… But the internet wants what the internet wants and apparently this off-the-wall morning combo is the latest Instagram trend. (Mental Floss

After a good night sleep, breakfast is normally praised as the best way to start the day. But… and we don’t like to be the one to tell you… it turns out your mum’s warnings might have been wrong (you won’t catch us giving up our pancakes in bed though). (Cosmopolitan)

Some of us share our bed with a partner, others a beloved pet but, according to a recent survey, a growing number of adults are choosing to save a spot for stuffed toys instead. Worried what sleeping with Mr Teddy McFlufferson says about you? (Vice)

Apparently, your nighttime activities could have an effect on your happiness as a couple (and no, we’re not talking about indoor sports). Saying I love you, unplugging your phone and choosing which arguments to settle and which to sleep on, can all bring you closer together (as could the right mattress – just saying). (Huffington Post)

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