Week In Sleep: Pizza Party In Bed For One

By Tom Packman  |  May 5, 2017
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While you were busy adding the pizza delivery guy’s mobile number to your phone’s speed dial, we caught up on the latest sleep news. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

– If you ever wonder if you are getting enough sleep, a top tip to finding out is, if you are given the chance to sleep in on a weekend and you take it… you need more sleep. If you wake up at your normal time even when you don’t technically need to, then you are getting the correct amount of sleep. More top tips to a great night of sleep can be found here. (TIME)

– If you’re like us, then your two main food groups are coffee and bagels. Now imagine a world where there was a coffee infused bagel.. Imagine no more! It is a real thing and we can’t get enough. (Nerdist)

-Ever wonder where the cabin crew sleep on your long haul flight? If you imagine they pull back a curtain that reveals a huge secret room with a dance floor and four poster beds you would be wrong. NY Post shows us what it is really like. (NY Post)

-There is a secret page on the Netflix website that allows you to submit requests of films or TV shows you would like to see on their platform! The page is pretty well hidden but details can be found here. (BGR)

-If you’re struggling to sleep because there is too much on your mind then a new technique called the cognitive shuffle might be for you. The simple technique is used to confuse the brain into forgetting all the stressful things that are keeping you up! 30,000 unread emails clogging up your inbox? Who cares! (My Sleep Button)

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