Week In Sleep: Short Week, Long Nap

By Dylan Blanchard  |  Jul 8, 2016
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While you were sleeping throught this long weekend, we were staying up to date on all things sleep. Here’s everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep it could very well be what you’re eating- or not eating. Most people don’t know that diet is correlated with how easily you can start snoozing. Try out some of these foods to naturally put you to bed. (Fox News)

For those of you who grew up dreaming of enjoying a magical breakfast in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, now is your chance! Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London is hosting two breakfast events for Harry Potter fans to start their days’ with witchcraft and wizardry.  (Fox News)

Turn a coffee into a job offer by using these tips to make your job-related java date a networking success. (Huffington Post)

We guess sloths don’t sleep as much as we thought….New technological trackers have been invented to help record the sleep cycle of animals and correct a few misconceived notions about their slumber habits. (New Scientist)

Just because your waffle iron is used for making the best breakfast food of all time- waffles, duh- doesn’t mean you have to limit its uses. Behold, 7 new ways to utilize your beloved waffle iron that *shockingly* don’t relate to waffles. (The Daily Meal)

It’s true, sleep cures everything. A recent study confirmed that even a broken heart can be aided with a little shuteye. Your subconscious helps you out by dreaming about issues to help you work through them. (Van Winkle’s)

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