Week in Sleep: Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Hibernation.

By Maggie Taylor  |  Sep 2, 2016
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While you were preparing for last week of summer, we were catching up on all things sleep. Here is everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

This may come as a surprise to you, but new parents have a hard time getting an adequate amount of shuteye. Shocker, I know. Here are a few other tidbits you should know about sleep after the stork drops off your little bundle of joy. (Cosmopolitan)

Are you trying to get Thom Yorke into your bedroom? Not like that guys…come on. As in you love the sweet melodies of Radiohead’s lead singer so much you want them to be part of your bedtime jams. Well lucky for you Yorke just shared his very own Bedtime Mix that lulls him (and now you) into slumber every night. (Van Winkle’s)

Everyone knows the best combo since PB&J is good ole’ chicken and waffles. But have we ever made chicken WITH waffles? Check out this iconic recipe for a unique take on the southern-style dish. (Eater)

Looking to feng shui your bedroom with a little extra wildlife? Think about adding a couple of these naturally purifying plants to help you breathe better in bed.  (Van Winkle’s)

Can’t sleep? Hello’s Sense is the smart sleep monitor you need to perfect your 40 winks. It holds a number of sensors for measuring ambient temperature, humidity, light, proximity, sound and airborne particles. Plus, Sense just looks cool. It glows softly in different colors in response to changes in lighting in your room, as well as when you wave your hand over it. (The Next Web)

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