By Katie Szymanski  |  Oct 7, 2016
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While you were busy (hopefully) taking a nap, we went across the pond and caught up with this week’s sleep news. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

Wide awake? Sick of staring at the ceiling? Casper launched an insomnia chatbot to help keep you company during the late hours of the night. Especially when you have the sudden urge to text your ex. (Elite Daily)

Nappers do it better. Just ask… literally anyone. Whether you’re a snooze on the subway advocate or find solace in catching shuteye under your desk, midday sleep is all the rage. Did you know different nap personalities existed? Researchers at the University of California Riverside came up with 5. Which are you? (Van Winkle’s)

This just in: yawning makes you smarter. Sort of. Researchers found that longer, more powerful yawns are linked to blood flow, stimulation, and ultimately, brain growth. Yawn if you agree. (Mashable)

Coffee lovers everywhere, rejoice! With the Gilmore Girls revival around the corner, diners and coffee shops across the country went full-on Luke’s Diner to celebrate the Netflix re-launch. There were laughs, photo ops, and many, many gallons of coffee to be had — grumpy, plaid-wearing hostess not included. (CNN)

What time is it? Ask Fido. The Bernard’s College Dog Cognition Lab provides insight into how dogs pick up on the time of day — using their noses. As smells change throughout the day, your pup uses a time-sensing trick to begin making connections. Bacon means morning. Or evening? Or both? (NY Mag)

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