Week in Sleep: Staying In is the New Going Out

By Maggie Taylor  |  Feb 26, 2016
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While you were hibernating with Netflix, we were catching up on all things sleep. Here is everything you need to know to sleep soundly this week:

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button every morning, don’t blame yourself. Blame your job. Research now shows that our work schedules are wildly out of sync with our natural body clocks, and experts are urging employers to take notice.  (BBC)

One, two, three ZZZs, you’re out! This spring training season, the New York Yankees are encouraging their players to sleep in. In his 2013 study, Stanford professor Scott Kutscher found that players’ plate discipline typically diminishes throughout the season due to fatigue. The Yankees now begin spring training workouts at 11:30 a.m., long after most other MLB teams. (Wall Street Journal)

Casper is a California king sized success. In less than two years, the sleep start-up had became a $100 million company, upending a $14 billion industry… one mattress at a time. The sleep start-up offers one perfect mattress, sheet set, and pillow, and has suggested plans to explore more in the realm of sleep, from lighting to bedroom furniture. (Inc)

You slide your phone into airplane mode and limit your screen time as much as possible before bed. Good for you! But your bedroom has a sneaky way of keeping you awake. Temperature, humidity, clutter and a number of other environmental contribute to insomnia. To ensure you’re not be sabotaged by your space, Van Winkles uncovers some sleep-sapping culprits to consider. (Van Winkles)

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