Week in Sleep: All in Favor of Midday Naps

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 16, 2015
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While you were sleeping morning, noon, and night in Casper’s napmobile, we kept up with these sleep stories. Here’s everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

In honor of the Democratic debate this week, here’s a round-up of all the times politicians were caught sleeping during some kinda important moments. (Van Winkle’s)

Are you always the friend that constantly feels judged for your 3-sugars-plus-whole-milk-coffee? Well, lucky for you, there’s now a great excuse to fire back against your judgy, coffee-sans-anything drinkers. According to a recent study, those that like it black and bitter may be more likely to have anti-social or psychopathic tendencies. (The Huffington Post)

If you’ve always been a snorer, you already know there are really no devices you’d be caught dead wearing. But, thanks to Kickstarter, there’s a pretty aesthetically-pleasing and effective device that could be next on the market called Nora. Just tap the bedside hub, insert the slim pillow insert, and catch some better zzz’s. (Van Winkle’s)

We already know nutrition and training are crucial to any basketball player’s success. But guess what other factor is starting to be emphasized more and more by coaches and trainers? Quality sleep. Not only does it improve an athlete’s awareness and lowers injury risk, but it also has been shown to improve shooting. (The Huffington Post)

A new study shows our ancestors may have got less sleep than we do. There are several factors that played an even greater role than light in shaping those sleeping patterns. (BBC)



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