Week in Sleep: Casper Crosses the Pond

By Alyse Borkan  |  Aug 12, 2016
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While you were celebrating Casper’s launch in the UK (you were, right?), we kept up with these sleep stories. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

Casper continued its international expansion this week by crossing the pond and officially launching the UK. Casper is now available in nine countries. (The Standard)

So, you want to stay in this weekend but don’t want to feel bad about it? Late Night Snap Hacks is a gallery of videos you can use to trick your friends into thinking you’re out getting turnt. From. Bed. (Mashable)

Add this to the list of reasons why you should go to bed early tonight: A review published in Neurology found that insomnia and other sleep disorders increase your chances of having a stroke. (Glamour)

We all want need that rare day off, a time when you can sleep in and eat French toast from the comfort of your comforter. Use a number of startup apps and services that make it easy to outsource the tasks you need to do so you can stay in bed or, really, do whatever you want. (Van Winkle’s)

Soylent announced its new product earlier this week: Coffiest. It is marketed as “a balanced breakfast and your morning coffee.” But does that mean no more waffles? We’re not convinced. (Gizmodo)

In a recent and potentially internet-breaking study, scientists in Japan observed seven newborn Japanese macaques napping. The baby monkeys were filmed in a room with no visual, auditory or tactile stimulation. The team later watched the videos in order to identify ‘spontaneous smiles,’ which are characterized as smile-like facial movements, like small lip corner raises, that occur during sleep. (Van Winkle’s)



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