Week In Sleep: Catching ZZZs

By Maggie Taylor  |  Jul 15, 2016
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While you were catching them all, we were catching ZZZs. Here is everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend: 

In honor of the latest Pokémon craze, we decided to share some important Poké-info with you. There IS a sleep status for Pokémon to take where they are inactive and unable to make a move. See, Pokémon need rest too.  (Bulbapedia)

There’s a reason why the classic American breakfast food is called “panCAKE”. There seems to be a pretty indistinguishable overlap between dessert and breakfast here in the US, and people are taking notice. Did you know there are 12 more grams of sugar in a Dunkin Donut muffin than a Starbucks cupcake? We didn’t either… (Vox Science and Health)

Do you have trouble following the sleep pattern society has adopted as normal? Finding you can’t quite sleep through the night isn’t abnormal- in fact, many people complain of a similar issue. You might find it worthwhile to try a bi-modal sleeping pattern to make sure you get the right amount of rest.  (Lifehacker)

One of the most unknown topics around sleep is how humans do it in space. With no gravity, different light exposure, and weird time schedules, it’s no wonder astronauts have their very own rules around how to get the rest they need. (Cosmos)

The sensation of being awake but unable to move has been a common complaint of many sleepers. As terrifying as it is, this phenomenon, identified as sleep paralysis, is more common than you may think. (attn)  

It’s midway through July and we’ve all finished our OG summer reading lists. Hours of laying in the soft sand can only be accompanied by the best beach reads, so if you’re looking for a new one here’s a few to consider if you’re as obsessed with sleep as we are. (Van Winkle’s)

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