Week In Sleep: Covering Up

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 13, 2015
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While you were switching out the cotton sheets for flannels, we stayed up to date on these sleep stories. Here is everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

We’ll chug almost any caffeinated beverage to get us through a workday — but will we spread it over our morning toast? One spread of a brand new caffeinated peanut butter will clock you in at 170 grams of caffeine, double the typical amount in a can of Red Bull. NY Senator Charles Schumer voiced his concern over the content of caffeine. Obviously he knows that none of us can actually stop at just two tablespoons of peanut butter… (CNBC)

Researchers found that even if sleep deprived, most people will be able to interpret sarcasm much like a fully rested person, though the response may be delayed. The exception? If you’ve pulled an all-nighter–you really might not be able to interpret any words at that point. (Van Winkle’s)

Over the years lack of sleep has become something almost to brag about, claiming extra hours that are devoted to working. But recently, people have realized that there’s value in getting in your 8 hours. Not only are you in a better mood, but you’re more refreshed and efficient throughout the workday. Office naps are on the rise; we’re not complaining at all. (CNN)

Looking to be the next NBA star? Easy solution: get more sleep. We’ve known the terrible effects that sleep deprivation can have on us, but recent research has suggested it also has quite an impact on our athletic performance. After reducing athlete’s sleep debt, direct advantages were seen in their performances. (MRT)

We’ve all experienced that cloudiness in our brain after a night of too much Netflix and not enough zzz’s. The links between sleep and its importance to memory continue to grow stronger. Recent research has hinted at links between sleep deprivation, disturbance and Alzheimer’s disease. There’s quite a bit more we can learn when it comes to how important a quality snooze is. (Chicago Tribune)

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