Week in Sleep: Make Love, Not Snore

By Maggie Taylor  |  Feb 19, 2016
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While you were celebrating Valentine’s Day, we stayed up to date on all things sleep. Here’s everything you need to sleep soundly this weekend. 

It’s well known that Americans are not getting enough sleep. But some parts of the United States do it better than others. If you bed down in Minnesota, South Dakota or Colorado, you’re likely getting seven or more hours a night. But you’re less in luck if you live in Hawaii, where only 56 percent of adults get enough rest. (NPR)

The latest study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that married couples — who might be expected to get less sleep, given issues like snoring, bed-sharing, and kids — actually appear to be catching more zzz’s on average than single sleepers. Sixty-seven percent of married people reported getting seven hours of sleep a night — the amount recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society — compared with 62 percent of those who were never married, and just 56 percent of people who were divorced, widowed, or separated. (CBS)

In 2014, Nintendo announced its plans to release a non-game fitness device that tracked your sleep and give you updates on your health in a fun Nintendo-y way. In their latest investor’s meeting, Nintendo announced that they will sleep on its so-called “quality of life” health tracking device. If this device helps us sleep and satisfies our Mario Kart needs, we want to see them on shelves as soon as possible. (Wired)

Feeling sleepy? Join the club. According to a new report, more than one third of adults, about 83.6 million individuals aged 18 and older, aren’t getting enough shuteye. Poor sleep habits are linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental distress.  (Wall Street Journal)

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