By Katie Szymanski  |  Nov 4, 2016
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While you were busy counting down the hours until the clocks fall back, we caught up on the latest sleep news. Everything you need to know to sleep soundly (for an extra hour) this weekend:

On November 6th at 2am, our clocks fall back an hour. How did Daylight Saving Time even come to exist? Whatever the case, we’re thankful for the extra hour of uninterrupted Zzzs. Don’t forget to update your clock and reset your alarm. Or don’t. (TIME)

We’ve all crashed next to our laptop with Netflix lulling us into a deep slumber. Now, you can thank Napflix for boring you to bed every night. The service curates sleep-inducing videos that will have you snoring in less time than it takes to hit “next episode.”  (CNET)

Sleep schedule out of whack? There’s an app for that. iPhone’s bedtime mode helps you get back into a better bedtime routine via push notifications, alarm clock cycles, and tracking to make sure you hit your sleep time goals. And if you want to stare at your scrolling social media feeds for hours, flip on Night Shift mode to adjust to more sleep-friendly lighting. (Mashable)

If you need another reason to catch up on sleep: Some have suggested that sleep deprivation can impact hormones that regulate appetite. In a recent study, researchers found that those who slept less were more likely to overeat the following day. (NY Times)

You don’t ever have to wash your coffee mug. Maybe once in awhile is recommended. An infectious-disease expert says that as long as dairy or sugar is left out, your mug is better off left unwashed than using the communal sponge in the kitchen — which happens to contain the highest bacteria count of anything in the office. (NY Mag)

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