What’s New on Netflix in December?

By Alyse Borkan  |  Dec 3, 2015
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This Holiday season, Netflix has decided not to fill your stocking, but instead fill your streaming-enabled devices with a whole slew of new shows to watch. Original Netflix programming, documentaries, and some indie films of the past year are all heading to a TV near you. Need help deciding what your big binge-watching commitment will be for December? We’ve narrowed it down so you don’t have to.

Casper’s Top December Netflix Picks: 

F is for Family (The Binge-Watch Series): There’s a lot to be excited about for F Is for Family, as it is Netflix’s next animated comedy undertaking. It was created by Michael Price and Bill Burr, a veteran Simpsons writer and one of the best in stand-up comedy. The series takes place in the 1970s – a unique setting in the world of animated sitcoms – and will most likely be as politically incorrect as shows come. Think Family Guy meets BoJack Horseman: raunchy and hilarious, but a strongly sentimental piece of entertainment.

Ray (The Oscar Winner): You might have forgotten about this 2004 Oscar-winning film (it’s not talked about much these days). But, now that it’s on Netflix, you can see why it won all of the acclaimed awards in the first place. With an impeccable performance by Jamie Foxx, fantastic musical numbers, and a story of redemption, success, and trails of fame, Ray is the standard of music biopics.

Tangerine (The Oscar Hopeful): Tangerine is a Sundance film about two transgender prostitutes on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. It’s also the exact opposite of the bummer that plot summary implies. Featuring two hilarious performances from trans actresses Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, the film depicts honest and captivating characters while also managing to be an entertaining, old-fashioned comedy. It’s supremely likable and truly independent in story and style. Oh, and also, it was shot entirely on an iPhone

A Very Murray Christmas (The Holiday Special): Netflix is trying to capture that holiday spirit with a good taste something they never knew they wanted… A Very Murray Christmas! The musical special features Bill Murray, along with stars such as George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones and Michael Cera. Directed by Sofia Coppola, look for this to be a throwback to classic Christmas specials and variety shows that will leave you filled with joy (in a hilariously hipster kind of way).

And most importantly, our Netflix Nosh of the Month: ‘Tis the season for Christmas cookies. If you’d like your snack to come ready to go (into your stomach), we recommend chocolate-dipped Oreos. If you can bake during commercial breaks, there’s nothing like the sugar cookie classic. Either way, it must be paired with the most decadent hot chocolate you can whip up.

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