Why is Casper winning so many awards?

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 11, 2016
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Casper has won countless awards. The list includes TIME’s Top 25 Inventions of the Year, Shorty Award for Best Twitter, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company, and Gear Patrol’s Year of the Year. 

Here’s why Casper is counting more awards than sheep:

  • Casper’s design team is world-renowned. Casper’s product development team is led by co-founder Jeff Chapin. Jeff spent 10 years at the design firm IDEO, where he led the development of many types of products including spinal surgical tools, low cost irrigation systems, home energy monitors, and shipping containers. He holds more than a dozen patents and hired a team of extremely skilled engineers to work on Casper’s meticulously designed products.
  • Casper obsessively engineered their mattress for more than a year. The product team spent 9 months visiting 15 factories to test and understand the properties of hundreds of foam samples. After exploring countless configurations, they narrowed down their selection to two dozen beta models for qualitative user testing. They invited people across the country to A/B test their most promising prototypes. To do so, they built mattresses with different constructions on each side so our sleepers could easily compare the differences.
  • Casper’s sleep surface is universally comfortable combination of springy latex foam and supportive memory foam. It offers just the right amount of sink and bounce so you never feel stuck. The top layer of latex foam features a breathable, open-cell design to increase circulation and keep you cool. Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the material contours to your curves.
  • Casper has completely disrupted a $14B industry. Casper sells its mattress direct-to-consumer through casper.com to cut out the middleman and offer a seamless shopping experience. Consumers can skip the showroom, don’t have to interact with a sleazy salesman, and don’t have to haul their mattress from the store anymore. Casper delivers their mattress in a “how did they do that?” sized box right to your door.

No wonder the Casper has won so many awards. Try the mattress to sleep for yourself.

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